The Student Ministry exists for the purpose of building disciples who live for Christ today. Programming and events for teenagers are designed to help them grow in their faith in Christ and to teach them to live like Christ in their homes, schools and jobs.
By building life-changing relationships in Bible Fellowship Classes, students are encouraged and taught by Christ-like adults. Through creative and practical Bible Study, students gather for Powerhouse on Wednesday evenings, a high-energy student worship service full of videos, laughter, friendship, and challenging messages. Through service opportunities, both local and across the nation, students learn to model the example of Christ by placing others ahead of themselves. Through positive social interactions such as fellowships, retreats, concerts and trips, students form Christ-honoring friendships which encourage each other in their faith.
We would love to have you join us and learn how you can get plugged in to the Student Ministry at First Baptist Montgomery.

For more information, visit the Student Ministry Website.

Contacts for the Student Ministry

Russell McCrory
Minister to Students
Associate Minister to Students

Beth DeBardeleben
Ministry Assistant

Girls Minister