FBC Disaster Relief

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  • Funds have been approved and sent to the Louisiana Baptist convention to help with general disaster relief needs
  • FBC is a collection point for supplies for the Montgomery Baptist Association. These supplies are being sent down to Ponchatoula, LA. List of items needed.
  • Initial teams from FBC went out to find areas of need and identified that the area of Denham Springs, LA had no one working there at that time. By working through the local Baptist Association these early teams identified Northside Baptist Church Denham Springs as a church with great need and potential for further impact through the church to the community.
  • Initial mud-out and cleanup has been completed at Northside Baptist Church Denham Springs, LA
  • Construction teams are heading down now to help reconstruct the church to make it into a strategic basecamp for teams working in the area.


As the teams from First Baptist Church Montgomery are moving forward with clean-up of Northside Baptist Church in Denham Springs, the attention begins to turn to “what comes next?” The contents of the original plan:  A) remove the wet and damaged contents; B) restore the church structure; and C) return the church to operational status – are still in place. Currently, teams have been actively engaged in this work and the good news is that these activities are progressing nicely.

After observing the progress, the leadership of Northside Baptist and members of the FBCM team have developed Phase II of the project. The second tier of the plan will allow the work of FBCM teams to turn the campus at Northside Baptist from a renewed church to a base camp for future teams. While the church will certainly serve the area well, the base camp will allow its impact to be multiplied.

The goal of Phase II is to show the steps that will be taken to maximize the work. Ultimately, the Northside campus sits in the center of the devastation. Further, it adjoins Denham Springs High School. By creating a central pivot point for outreach, Baptist churches from across the United States can continue their efforts and be a true beacon of hope. Volunteers can work in the neighborhoods and spread the message of love. The opportunity is for the church’s neighbors to observe the work and respond to the hope that is being delivered by God’s people.  Northside Baptist will become a “shining light of possibility” and a magnet for people to experience Jesus.

  1. Complete the clean-up of Northside Baptist Church (NBC).
  2. Create, within the church, facilities to house additional mission teams.
  3.  Identify areas and projects within NBC that can be adopted by local churches.  Each of these projects will lead to the return of NBC as a fully functional center of ministry.
  4. Identify needs throughout the neighborhood, where volunteer teams choosing to utilize NBC as a base, can be met.
  5. Produce and distribute material designed to recruit workers from throughout the Southern Baptist Convention.
  6. Identify and encourage FBCM members to mentor NBC members in order to develop local volunteer leadership. Examples of opportunities can be seen at Denham Springs High School. 
The Northside Baptist Church clean-out has basically been accomplished. The next step is to initiate a build-back program. The most critical aspect of the build-back is to identify a base camp facility.
The fellowship hall at Northside has been completely gutted and is drying out. It will need some work from individuals who are willing to lead construction. The goal is to make it a facility that will house at least 30 people, has kitchen use, offers restrooms and showers. The positive side of the story is that it does have clean water, electricity and is air conditioned. The appliances are in working order but will need to be cleaned, there is no furniture and the restrooms and showers will need to be built out.
The purpose for setting up the housing is that it would allow for teams to visit from churches across the SBC. These teams could work in restoration at Northside and in the neighborhood. The Northside church facility has numerous needs. All of its offices have been devastated, the Sunday School facilities are non-functional, the teaching materials have been ruined, and the entire sanctuary had to be gutted and must be rebuilt. Among the critical needs are chairs for seating because the pews were ruined and almost every floor will have to be recovered throughout the church. Likewise, every wall will have to be reconstructed up to the point of the cut of the sheetrock, paneling, etc.

For more information, contact Brian Gay at 241.5131 or briang@montgomeryfbc.org.