Children's Missions

Mission Friends

Mission Friends, for children ages 2 to 6, is sponsored by the Women's Missionary Union of our church and provides mission education for preschoolers. These sessions provide hands-on missions experience for our preschoolers and teach them about missionaries and what it's like to be involved in mission work.

They meet each Sunday at 5:00 PM during the school year.

Mission Friends Room Assignments

2 Year Olds  |  B211
3 Year Olds  |  B212
4 Year Olds  |  B108
5 Year Olds  |  B109

Mission Friends Leadership

Co-Directors: Ivy Ashworth & Jodi Murchison
Teachers: Cecile Hamblin, Becky Buchanan, Jamie Self, Karrie Stanford, Sara Denney, Brittany Daniel, Alan Murchison, Kerri Moore, Mike Moore, Molly Stone

Girls in Action (GAs)

Girls in Action is Women's Missionary Union missions organization for girls in the first through sixth grade. Girls participating learn what missionaries do, pray for missionaries and their work, discover how they can help other people, save and give money to help tell other people about Jesus, learn about people around the world, and have fun with friends.

They meet each Sunday at 5:00 PM during the school year.

Girls in Action Room Assignments

Assembly Room  |  A209
1st Grade  |  A206
2nd Grade  |  A207
3rd Grade  |  A208
4th Grade  |  A203
5th Grade  |  A202
6th Grade  |  A201

Girls in Action Leadership

Director: Mary Ruth Wolf
Teachers: Suzanne Chapman, Melanie Longpre, Karen Sellers, Lisa Leathers, Trista Griggs, Sarah Hall, Julie McGraw, Melanie Hyte, Rebekah Tankersley, Amy Castleberry, Lyndsey McCrory, Katrina Casey, Jessica Hussey, Dana Parkman, Melanie Pace, Holly Randall, Anne Holmes, Lynne Stokley, Lisa Stevens, Kandy Sasser

Royal Ambassadors (RAs)

Royal Ambassadors (RA) is a missions discipleship organization for boys in the first through sixth grades. The RA group seeks to build Biblical character in boys through involvement in mission activities and the development of virtues. Since its beginning in 1908, RA church-based ministries have helped boys grow spiritually, physically, mentally and in relationships with others. Projects include Coordinating a Father/Son Camp-Out, an RA Pinewood Derby, and Coaching RA Basketball.

They meet each Sunday at 5:00 PM during the school year.

Royal Ambassador Room Assignments

Assembly Room  |  A311
1st Grade  |  A308
2nd Grade  |  A309
3rd Grade  |  A310
4th Grade  |  A302
5th Grade  |  A301
6th Grade  |  A301

Royal Ambassador Leadership

Director: John Longpre