Preschool & Children's Choirs

The Graded Children's Choirs at First Baptist Montgomery are staffed by talented spiritual leaders who are committed to sharing God's love with every child as we model for them the praise and worship of God through His gift of music. The children will enjoy scripture and hymn memory, exploring musical instruments, music fundamentals and opportunities to lead in worship, led by a loving and creative team of individuals who love children and love the Lord.

Choirs are available for children ages 3 through sixth grade. The choirs meet each Wednesday at 5:45 PM during the school year.

2015/2016 Calendar

August 19
Kick-off for Children/Preschool Choirs

November 18
Preschool Fall Program
6:00 PM | Stakely Sanctuary

November 25 | Thanksgiving
No Music Activities

December 2
Children’s Choirs Sound Check | Main Sanctuary
Preschool Choir

December 6
Children’s Choirs Christmas Program
6:15 PM | Main Sanctuary

December 9 | LCT
No Music Activities

January 6
Children/Preschool Choirs Resume

March 20 | Palm Sunday
Children’s Choirs Singing in AM Worship

March 23  |  Spring Break/Easter Week
No Music Activities

April 27
Preschool Spring Program
6:00 PM | Stakely Sanctuary
Last Day of Children’s Choir

May 1
Children’s Choirs Spring Program
Older Children’s Choir Musical
6:15 PM | Main Sanctuary

May 4, 11, 18
VBS Music Rehearsals  |  B112

Choir Leadership

3 Year Olds  |  B103
Director: Wendy Brendle
Teachers: Kelley Phelps, Stephanie Smith

4 Year Olds  |  B108 & B109
Director: Kathy Shirley
Teachers: Christy Colee, Paige King, Colton King, Linda Engle

5 Year Olds  |  B104
Director: Alexis Aday
Teachers: Clemie Brown, Julia Brasher

1st Grade  |  A206
Director: Libby Poole
Teachers: Leah Stephens, Sharon Cleveland, Betsey Johns
Accompanist: Joyce Snyder

2nd Grade  |  A208
Director: Jeanette Bush
Teachers: Viki Brant
Accompanist: Summer Hartzog

3rd Grade  |  A209
Director: Melanie Pace
Teachers: Angie Stewart, Christy Waddell, Ruth McKinney

4th-6th Grade  |  A311
Director: Tanya McLemore
Teachers: Ed Cleveland, Sharon Windham, Kimberly Flowers, Maxi Lucas, Carol Roberts, Missy Morgan, Christy Cornett, Eleanor McElvy, Lara Smitherman, Kelly Treadwell
Orff Instructor: Bobbie Bailey