Central Asia Conference FAQs

What do I wear to the conference?  
Please dress comfortably but modestly. Please keep in mind that you will walking a good bit, especially during the vision journey days. 

I want to go on a tour before or after the conference… what can I do? 
Tours before or after the conference can be booked individually and are not included in the price of the conference. For in country tour opportunities please contact Blessing Tourism.

I want to go on a post conference- extended vision journey (deeper into Z territories), is that possible?
Yes. Special post conference vision to deeper or more specific areas is possible. Please contact us directly to discuss options. 

Will translation be provided?
Yes – translation will be provided for local speakers

How do I pay for the conference?
Registration and payment is handled by FBC Montgomery. Register Here

I registered and paid, but now I need to cancel? What do I do?
Please see the cancellation policy.  Within the cancellation period you may Contact Us for a refund request. Refunds will be issued by check and will take 1-2 weeks to be received.